ABA Preschool News

On September 30th, RRCTC officially opened the ABA preschool at 4 Galloping Rd in Round Rock! This comes after many months of planning and prepping, and we couldn’t be more excited! It will serve our current ABA clients as well as future kiddos in need of additional support in a group setting. It couldn’t come at a more significant time…read more →

September Skills and Extra Supports

Now that many of us are back into the swing of things with school, it’s a fantastic time to take yet another deep breath before the hustle and bustle of the holidays are upon us! Read through our September blog, which addresses what to do if you receive any startling news from your child’s teachers regarding skill setbacks. We are…read more →

Back to school success

Are your kids heading back to school in the next few weeks? Do you feel ready or are you nervous about all the changes? Sending children back to school brings nerves, excitement, and a lot of change from the summer season. If you have children with special needs, there can sometimes be specific concerns beyond those you might have with…read more →

Sensory sensitive summer

Summer invites all types of sensory overload for many of us, and it can be challenging finding a sense of calm with bright sun, hot weather, splashing water, fire crackers, long tickling grass, park noise, strong smells of grilling and sunscreen, etc! Find a sense of calm for yourself and your sensory sensitive loved ones by planning accordingly and setting…read more →

Finding joy in June

June is a month to hopefully take a breather and enjoy school being out for the summer. In Austin, TX that can also mean it’s beginning to get hot! Try to stay cool, while keeping somewhat of a routine for yourself and your kiddos to stay productive and avoid the summer slide. Often, kiddos with special needs especially benefit from…read more →

May musings

You made it-the end of the school year! Pat yourself on the back and relish in everything you and your kiddos have accomplished this year. Summer is upon us and although progress will take a slightly different form that looks more like fun in the sun, rather than reading and math, don’t forget that gains will continue to be made!…read more →

Spring is in the air!

Spring is in the air at RRCTC and we have recently welcomed new team members-Chakeela Kimble, Gina Rodriguez, and Amy Pennington to our team. They all bring a wealth of therapy experience and we’re so proud of how our team has grown and flourished this season. Our more tenured therapists continue to be a resource of valuable information and wisdom…read more →

March thoughts from your trusted SLP

We know you’re bringing your child to therapy for a specific reason, and if it’s to receive occupational or ABA services, you may be unfamiliar with the services our SLP’s provide. Since we are a teaching clinic, we love sharing what we do with not only clinicians across disciplines, but also with our parents/caregivers and community. You may even be…read more →

February Fun Therapy Ideas

February is the perfect time to get creative with activities that help celebrate Valentine’s Day while supporting your child’s therapy goals. Written and verbal expressions of love will help build language, while signing, “I” “love” “you” is also an effortless way to communicate your feelings this month. Instead of buying Valentine’s this year for your child’s class party, consider making…read more →

Happy New Year!

Our therapists celebrated the festive season with a hot chocolate bar at our holiday party and travels near and far to spend time with loved ones. We scheduled make-up sessions whenever schedules allowed to grant our kiddos that extra time to reach their current goals. We also checked-in with many of our families to hear thoughts on the new year…read more →