ABA Preschool News

On September 30th, RRCTC officially opened the ABA preschool at 4 Galloping Rd in Round Rock! This comes after many months of planning and prepping, and we couldn’t be more excited! It will serve our current ABA clients as well as future kiddos in need of additional support in a group setting. It couldn’t come at a more significant time for RRCTC, as we look to also celebrate 7 years of helping children on October 15th. We started small 7 years ago, first only offering speech services, before adding occupational therapy, and then later, ABA therapy. As of today, we have 20 team members who are all dedicated to bringing their best efforts in helping kids and families succeed. Thank you again for walking this walk with us and cheers to yet another RRCTC milestone! Find out more what the ABA preschool is going to look like in our blog.

October 2019 Newsletter


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