Consistency matters with Speech, OT, and ABA Therapy

September brings much anticipated cooler weather and special events in Austin. With everyone settling into the “back to school” routine, it’s a great time to hone in on the “why” behind your child’s therapy appointment. It can often seem like another to-do on a long list of responsibilities, and at RRCTC, we understand that it can be a challenge to make it to therapy when everyone is exhausted from the school or work day. However, research shows that consistent, early intervention in Speech, OT, and ABA therapy work best for many of our clients, including those on the Autism Spectrum. Let us know if your child has had a rough day, and we can adjust therapy activities as needed to ensure goals are still being addressed consistently without being overtaxing on any given day. To learn more about why Speech, OT, and Applied Behavior Analysis work well for children on the spectrum, check out our September newsletter. It also contains details on the upcoming Autism Speaks Walk and more therapy news!

September 2018 Newsletter (PDF)


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