Finding joy in June

June is a month to hopefully take a breather and enjoy school being out for the summer. In Austin, TX that can also mean it’s beginning to get hot! Try to stay cool, while keeping somewhat of a routine for yourself and your kiddos to stay productive and avoid the summer slide. Often, kiddos with special needs especially benefit from staying on schedule. If you are lucky enough to have some free time this summer, attempt to get up around the same time as you normally do and remember to eat a healthy breakfast. Enjoy a fun activity or two while it’s still cool in the mornings, and eat a fulfilling lunch before your kids become ravenous! Stay hydrated throughout the rest of the day’s afternoon shenanigans, and you can hopefully still find time to get your pesky errands in before ending with a familiar family dinner and bedtime routine. Being flexible within reason will keep everyone on the same page and prevent too many unwelcome surprises (and therefore meltdowns), while still allowing for vacations and the joy of summer! With children on the spectrum, continuing to work your therapist’s set program for your child, even while on vacation and out and about will provide a level of predictability typically welcomed. Have fun this summer and go with the flow…just remember to do so within reason to truly enjoy the summer without tantrums!

June 2019 Newsletter (PDF)


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