As pediatric therapists, we tend to be a grateful bunch at RRCTC, as we know how lucky we are to positively impact the lives of children and their families everyday in this profession. Of course, there are challenging days filled with paperwork, tired kiddos, long calls with insurance companies, and scheduling havoc, but overall, we ride out those stressors in favor of the bigger picture. November marks the time of year when we all openly express our gratitude. This year, we find ourselves most grateful for:

1. Our growing ABA department
2. The support of the dedicated parents who walk alongside us in the journey
3. Our clients that have overcome plateaus and continue to inspire us
4. Strong collaborations among team members
5. The expansion of educational opportunities that are now available for therapeutic professionals

What are you most grateful for this November? Ponder while looking over the November newsletter. It contains information about feeding challenges and you’ll certainly be grateful that you read it before heading to Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma’s house!

November 2018 Newsletter (PDF)


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