March thoughts from your trusted SLP

We know you’re bringing your child to therapy for a specific reason, and if it’s to receive occupational or ABA services, you may be unfamiliar with the services our SLP’s provide. Since we are a teaching clinic, we love sharing what we do with not only clinicians across disciplines, but also with our parents/caregivers and community. You may even be more knowledgeable about one area in which SLP’s help your child, without realizing that they are well versed in other areas as well! One session may be targeting receptive language while the next is focused on fluency, followed by feeding. It keeps the day of an SLP quite interesting and their skill set expansive! While the list you’ll see in the blog is no way comprehensive, it does give you a sampling of some of the most common areas of service in the pediatric population. Take a peek!

March 2019 Newsletter (PDF)


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