As pediatric therapists, we tend to be a grateful bunch at RRCTC, as we know how lucky we are to positively impact the lives of children and their families everyday in this profession. Of course, there are challenging days filled with paperwork, tired kiddos, long calls with insurance companies, and scheduling havoc, but overall, we ride out those stressors in…read more →

Fall celebrations

Can you believe it’s October already? At RRCTC, we love the month of October, as it brings two of our favorite opportunities to celebrate! Of course, we’re talking about Halloween; a day (ok, maybe a week) filled with costumes, candy, and Halloween-themed sessions. We love using this time of year to get really creative and watch the kiddos feed off…read more →

Consistency matters with Speech, OT, and ABA Therapy

September brings much anticipated cooler weather and special events in Austin. With everyone settling into the “back to school” routine, it’s a great time to hone in on the “why” behind your child’s therapy appointment. It can often seem like another to-do on a long list of responsibilities, and at RRCTC, we understand that it can be a challenge to…read more →

Growth comes with challenges and rewards

We’re excited to give an update on all the progress we’ve recently made at the clinic! RRCTC has relocated to a wonderful building that has the space needed to best serve our clients. We’ve added passionate therapists and admin members to our team who work well together while keeping things fun around here. We’ve given time and resources to important…read more →

A Mother’s Perspective

Oliver Balthazor. That is the name of the person who forever changed my life and made me a mother. That is the name of the person who helped me become the best speech therapist that I could ever be. That is the name of the person who gave me the strength to become a clinic owner. From the moment Oliver…read more →

Summer Feeding Groups, Social Thinking Groups, and Literacy/Handwriting Groups

It is almost summer and we are in the process of completing our summer schedules for all of our kiddos! This summer we have received a lot of feedback from parents stating they are interested in having their child particiate in feeding groups, social thinking groups, or literacy/handwriting groups. My occupational therapist, Una Buck, my speech therapist, Danya Weinheimer, and…read more →