Sensory Ideas for families on-the-go!

Happy New Year to our RRCTC Families! It’s 2020-can you believe it?! The new year often brings many goals that we hope to attack with enthusiasm. At the clinic, we are no different, and have lots of goals for the year ahead! To reach them, we look at the big picture and then break it down into actionable steps to get us there. To better navigate the bumps, we plan to go a bit slower when needed and arm ourselves with additional supports to keep us from becoming discouraged. We also make sure we prep adequately with the proper tools and resources before jumping in. Since we work with kids, all of these things are important for us to consider, since it’s simply not realistic to snap our fingers and reach the goal without care and sensitivity each step of the way. We understand it’s likely similar for our families, and it may become difficult to reach your goals without a tear here or there. We’re here to help! Throughout the year, we’ll look at a few different ways we can help you reach some of the more popular goals that we hear are often on the minds of our families. No need to be on the struggle bus alone in 2020! Check back here often for fresh ideas and extra support. We’ll tackle all of our goals in 2020 as a team-one by one! First up in the January newsletter: sensory ideas for families on the go! If one of your 2020 goals is to simply run errands with your sensory-sensitive kids successfully and with ease, give it a read!

January Newsletter 2020


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