Sensory sensitive summer

Summer invites all types of sensory overload for many of us, and it can be challenging finding a sense of calm with bright sun, hot weather, splashing water, fire crackers, long tickling grass, park noise, strong smells of grilling and sunscreen, etc! Find a sense of calm for yourself and your sensory sensitive loved ones by planning accordingly and setting yourself up for success! If sunlight is your main stressor, try to invest in UVF polarized protected sunglasses and then don’t forget them on the counter when heading out! Remind your kiddos ahead of time that other children will likely be splashing in the community pool and plan to go when it’s less crowded. Give yourself breaks when you feel headaches coming on and remove the sensitivity whenever possible and if that isn’t possible, try removing yourself if necessary! Fourth of July can still be fun with a ‘lil preparation too! Check out our blog for ideas on how others enjoy the holiday!

July 2019 Newsletter (PDF)


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