Simple gifts

The clinic is buzzing with activity this December! We recently welcomed a local firefighter to teach CPR and first aid safety to our staff members. We are also making time to check in with parents/caregivers regarding goals for the new year. If you have questions pertaining to your child’s current therapy plan, remember our therapists pride themselves in education and open-communication. Think of the new year as the perfect time to chat and look optimistically to the year ahead! We can’t wait to see how many goals will be met in 2019! And while new goals are always exciting, don’t forget to make time this December to reflect on how far your children have already come! We had a record setting amount of goals met in 2018 and we’re beyond proud of all of our clients for their hard work in therapy. Finally, December brings the holidays and gift-giving for many of us. There are so many options today that over-saturate the market, but remember that often, it’s the most simple gifts that make the most long-lasting impact for kids and adults alike. If you have little ones who will be receiving gifts this month, look to our latest newsletter for smart ideas that will not only put a smile on a child’s face, but also support their play development into the new year. Happy Holidays from the RRCTC team!

December 2018 Newsletter (PDF)


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