Spring is in the air!

Spring is in the air at RRCTC and we have recently welcomed new team members-Chakeela Kimble, Gina Rodriguez, and Amy Pennington to our team. They all bring a wealth of therapy experience and we’re so proud of how our team has grown and flourished this season. Our more tenured therapists continue to be a resource of valuable information and wisdom that they share with open arms, and as we mesh varying therapy styles and degrees of experience, ALL of us get better at what we do. All of this trickles down to our kiddos, where they are able to generalize skills across disciplines and people. What a wonderful learning opportunity this brings!

Of course, the spring season also brings Easter and there is no better way to increase learning even further by doing crafts at home with your little ones while prepping for the holiday! For fresh Easter-inspired therapy ideas that will also make their Occupational Therapist proud, look to our April blog!

April 2019 Newsletter (PDF)


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